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Home: Jersey
Uni: Southampton


Housemate Friend: T
Also: AX


  • Attend a geohash saturday meeting
  • Fly over a geohashing site
  • Attend if/when the Channel Islands graticule hits land
  • Be involved in a UK-wide geohashing conference call

Completed Hashes[edit]

2010-02-21 - Channel Islands graticule hit land again, Visited 3 times, in different ways.
2009-01-02 - Channel Islands graticule hit land again, near to my house. Went solo.
2008-10-21 - Channel Islands graticule hit land in Jersey while I was in Southampton. Sent an envoy on my behalf.
2008-10-11 - North again, with J and M. Played Zombie Fluxx amongst some trees.
2008-05-31 - Went north because Southampton graticule was wet

Land GeohashLand Geohash.