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Pretty much straight down the road too!‎

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008[edit]

It's not quite as cool as some other people have gotten, but Tuesday I got this geohash straight south from my house. I'll be sure to get a picture of it!

Okay, pictures acquired. I don't actually have a GPS unit, so I had to sight landmarks to find my way around; I guess that just makes it even more of an adventure!


First, I simply had to see what this Pentagon-esque building was. It's a seminary, apparently dedicated to St. Gregory the Great. Gregory comes from a Greek word meaning "watchful, alert." Hmm.


The bells started ringing while I was there. Didn't quite have the reflexes to get a video, but I did manage to snap this picture.


The sign on the way out. For some reason I didn't get one on the way in, don't ask why...


And, in a surprise twist, here it is - the location of today's geohash! Google Earth's picture of Seward must be outdated... Lacking a GPS unit, I didn't want to try to find the exact location of the geohash, so I ended my journey here.