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[edit] Ahoy Ahoy

My name is Corey and I live in Philadelphia.

[edit] Successful Geohashes

2008-06-28_39_-75 - Right off of Route 40 in Sharpville, NJ.

[edit] Watched Graticules

Since Philly's on the edge of a few graticules, I am on the lookout for close locations in the following zones:

(39, -75) and (40, -75) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

(39, -74) (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

(40, -74) (Newark, New Jersey)

More accurately, my area of watch runs from 39.5 to 40.5 and -75.5 to -74.5.

[edit] Availability for Meetups

I am usually available for Saturday Meetups. If it so happens that a Saturday Meetup falls at or near Six Flags Great Adventure, you can be sure that I'm going to go and that I'll bring a chessboard.