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Page Links[edit]

Because of these pages that i've moved:

I should update the 3x3 tables in all the neighbouring graticules... Colour code is: green=done, red=moved page not yet done, orange=tweaked moved page.

N\E 24 25 26 27 28 29
48 48,24 Cernăuţi Darabani 48,27 48,28 48,29
47 Bistriţa Rădăuţi Botoşani Iaşi Chişinău Rîbniţa
46 Târgu-Mureş Miercurea Ciuc Bacău Vaslui Huşi Tiraspol
45 Sibiu Braşov Buzău Brăila Galaţi Chilia - Sulina
44 Piteşti Târgovişte Bucureşti Călăraşi Constanţa Crişan
43 Corabia Zimnicea / Giurgiu ... ... Mangalia Black Sea

PS Don't Forget: All Graticules, All graticules/Eurasia, All graticules/North America#The_Bahamas.

Missing pages[edit]

Fix 2010 01 07 8 99 and 2010 01 23 18 99. There are 2 ways to accomplish this:

  1. Create them as redirect pages;
  2. Edit all those 10+8 images to link to the correct page.
These are now fixed, by the way (I chose your second option; it seemed easier in the long run than creating a pointless redirection). And I wasn't looking through your to-do list, by the way -- I came across the problem through the Special:WantedPages page while cleaning up broken links on the wiki. Regards. -- Benjw 15:36, 9 August 2010 (UTC)