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Macdonald Stonewall Selkirk
Morden Winnipeg Steinbach
Langdon, North Dakota Grafton, North Dakota Thief River Falls, Minnesota

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General Description[edit]

I may exist near the upper right corner of my home graticule (at right), except when I exist elsewhere. My exact location, speed, and direction of travel, are, of course, uncertain. I tend to use a lot of commas. I have more cats than rooms, and they are all spoiled rotten (the cats, not the rooms.) I like fat chicks, and will follow them anywhere, contentedly watching their ass gyrate like it just ingested a family pack of doublemint gum. I build and fix things during the day, and play bass in a band at night. My guitarist pointed me at xkcd. We both get geek humour, but our luddite drummer needs to have it explained to him, even though he's pretty geeky too. Must come from all the hitting things he does.

I'm going to talk them into a guerrilla geo-jam, a phrase I have just coined to describe dragging one's bandmates, gear, and a generator to a Saturday meetup to play a set. Could take awhile, given the logistical nightmare it'll be perceived as.

In the meantime, look for me at random meets in or near Winnipeg when the weather's not too inclement. I'll be the middle-aged guy with the graying beard and probably a fat chick.

Acheivements (or lack thereof)[edit]

Well, damn! I've been checking the coordinates every day for a few months now, and most of the destinations have been outstanding in their field, or somebody's field. Funnily enough, the city of Winnipeg itself seems to rarely get hit. The area inside the perimeter highway seems about 1/15 of the graticule, so I would expect it to get hit about twice a month. So far, it's been about half that, but it's still a small sample; Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be a string of nearby hits when the weather improves (in 6 months or so).

There was a really interesting looking one a couple of months back, just northwest of the city. It looked like a small airfield or something from the satellite view. The wife and I were very curious about it, but we were laid up with the flu at the time.