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I'm a computer engineer living in Somerville, MA and working in Billerica, MA (both part of the Boston graticule). I haven't been to any hashes yet, but I'm pretty excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, I'm pretty lazy so I'll have to wait for a really good one.

I'll probably try mostly for weekend hashes in Somerville or otherwise easily accessible by public trans. Weekday hashes would need to be very near my work, so I can either walk or drive a very short distance (like 5 minutes). I don't have anything specific I plan to bring, but I do keep my skimboard in the trunk at all times, in case that ever proves useful. It works well on wet snow, and I'm interested to try it on flooded grass.

Oh yeh, and I'll also plan to bring a government issued photo id and the fingerprint for my PGP public key, so perhaps another hasher could verify my identity and sign my key. I would be happy to verify and sign your key, as well.