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Hi. I live in Manhattan, and fall into the narrow sliver of New York City that is part of the Newark, New Jersey graticule. Though I've read xkcd for quite some time and followed the progress of geohashing with interest, I haven't yet been able to make it to any meetups as of yet. Hopefully this summer there will be some I can get to when I'm around.

I wish to respect the algorithm and its arbitrary borders, but I also identify with the city, so, for now, I will consider myself to be in both graticules and go to whichever meetup I feel like (meaning mostly whichever meetup is accessible to me as a high school student with very limited free time and only feet, a bike, and the subway, bus, or commuter train as means of transportation, which basically means I will only go if it's in a nearby part of the city, or maybe near the PATH). Hope I'm not breaking any rules here.

I have a userpage on the English Wikipedia at [1].