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Hello all I'm Pete, I have only recently started Geohashing but have been a long time xkcd reader. This page was copied from Robyn who looks to have a pretty complete user page.

Future Plans[edit]



Things that have thwarted me[edit]

All Geohashes Attempted[edit]

Geohashers Met[edit]



Virgin Graticules[edit]

Checklist of achievements to get[edit]

first, time traveller, endurance, no batteries, geoflashing, underground, underwater, golf, pub, hash collision, freeway, birthday, picnic, sex, snowman, twister, phonebooth, hopper, restricted. McGyver, circus, and most everything else that has been made up.

Progress Towards Multihash Achievements[edit]

Wiki Stuff[edit]

Lol-asg.png 30 / m / 40,-105