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Ahh, Good Morrow to you

Ok, as you can see my username is latin for Gold, for no particular reason I may add. I suppose Im here because I Love XKCD (yes, im one of those people), and in owning a car should be able to make it to local GeoHashes here in the Bristol graticule. The funny thing is, I live in the Forest of Dean, near Glos and far away from Bristol. The river Severn cuts up my possible Geohashing a bit... But hey, it may just give me the chance to get a water-based award someday :)

A quick bit about myself- Blonde, Blue-eyed Forester, and a self-proclaimed "Borderline-Emo". Deal with it ;) You can find me on the Bristol Graticule Facebook Group.

Geohashing to date

None at this present time :(

But heres a quick Idea of some I may visit sometime very soon-

2008-11-09 51 -2

2008-10-03 51 -2

2008-08-28 51 -2

2008-09-30 51 -2

2008-08-10 51 -2

2008-08-04 51 -2

2008-07-08 51 -2

2008-07-04 51 -2

Geohashing achievements

Again, None at this time. I hope to make the first Emo-geohash... aka take an emo-style photo at a Geohash location. Why? Because it hasnt been done yet :)