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I'll use this for my favorites, as I expect my category will soon span multiple pages.

Pretty Scenery[edit]

Here are my favorite scenery pictures. Rules: Maximum one picture per expedition. No people.

My GPS unit over time[edit]

Modeled after User:thepiguy's gallery of the same.


One picture per geohash where I met someone. Favor new encounters, must be a pic at the hashpoint, or the nearest point when failing.


Must be a self-portrait, should be at the hashpoint, or near point of failure.

Photo of the Week[edit]

Weeks start on Sunday, and end with the following Saturday. These will be my favorite image of the week. I tend to favor scenery, so that's likely to dominate these pictures. The week of 2009-08-16 deserves special note, since it was the only week that after a second pass still had 3 left. I did my best, but honestly couldn't choose between the last two, so they both win for that week.


User Number of Pictures
Ekorren 13
Dawidi 9
Danatar 6
Relet 5
Thepiguy 4
Crox 3
Reinhard 2
Juventas 2
Davidc 2
Jusu 2
Wyle & RoadRunner 2
Konrada 1
Xore 1
Srs0 1
Sara 1
Rhonda 1
Redaragorn 1
Ilpadre 1
Michael5000 1
Jiml 1
Aperfectring 1
Muffin 1
MykaDragonBlue 1
DerFlob 1
Felix Dance 1
Mabeuf 1
Emu 1
Dvdllr 1
Blóðøx 1
Marcius 1
Tankmiche 1
Stelei 1
Llavids 1
Greenslime 1
Robyn 1
Fasanen 1
Vswe 1
Phyzome 1