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The man with no name
The nameless wanderer.
Lol-asg.png 29 / xy / 33,-117

ANoNymGuy is nobody special

Chronology of my Geohash attempts[edit]

All successfull geohashes achieve Land Geohash unless otherwise specified User:ANoNymGuy/template/geohash


  • note: first time achievement for each graticule listed only

Mother Nature vs ANoNymGuy[edit]

I make Mother Nature my bitch, or vice versa?

  • ANoNymGuy: 1
  • Mother Nature: 2

Site tools[edit]

Map of Geohash visits[edit]

[ Google maps of my visits] (this may be more up to date than the convenient image below :)

[[Image:|Red = fail. Green = success. No dot = retro. Blue = deja vu]]

Further reading...[edit]

I'm on the internet...

  • on wikipedia
  • and I'm usually 'ANoNymGuy' on irc (eg: #geohashing on foonetic)