Ulsteinvik, Norway

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Norwegian Sea Norwegian Sea Norwegian Sea
Kråkenes Ulsteinvik Ålesund
Bremanger Førde Høyanger

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Today's Location: [Ulsteinvik, Norway]

The Ulsteinvik graticule is at latitude 62, longitude 5. It includes all of Ulstein, Herøy and Sande kommunar from Møre og Romsdal fylke, and bits (some big, some small) of Giske, Hareid, Ørsta, Volda and Vanylven from Møre og Romsdal, plus some of Selje and Vågsøy from Sogn og Fjordane. The graticule is mostly water, meaning that we should grab opportunities whenever we can.

Because of the nature of Norwegian geography, we have two main problems:

  • Water
- If today's point is in ocean water, we will not be going (this idea can clearly be revised if our numbers grow, so that we can meet by boat in the North Atlantic.)
- If today's point is in lake water, or close to shore, then we will try to go to the closest point on land. This is particularly important because Google Maps is not, in fact, perfect, so when we get there, the point may actually turn out to be on land anyway.
  • Steep Hills
- Meetup time at the exact co-ordinates is at 16:00, of course.
- Meetup time at Google Maps's best attempt for driving directions will be at 17:00. For example, on 21 May 2008, the co-ordinates were meant to be: (62.179467°, 5.861536°). So, go there at 16:00. However, if that's impossible (it may be a cliff, or a bog, or something), then use Google Maps to get directions to those co-ordinates from your house, like this: [1], and it will direct you to the nearest road. So you would drive to the end of that road in time for 17:00, as a fall-back. This will also help anyone who's mobility-impaired to get in on the Geoh-Action.

Because of where we are, there will be many days we can't go, and many times when we will need to sort out details, so feel free to propose alternatives!

Successful Hashes[edit]

1. 2008-06-01 62 5 62.349107°, 5.916238° - On Hareidlandet, very near the road between Hareid and Ulsteinvik - right about at the border between Hareid and Ulstein kommunar. First attended geohash for this graticule! One, count 'em, one, geohasher attended. Oh well. Gotta start somewhere!

2. 2010-01-02 62 5 62.344499°, 5.906985° - Pretty darn close to the previous one, 18 months earlier. Drove past, and got within 70m (according to my new Christmas-present GPS!).


Since the Ulsteinvik page was set up (May 22nd)...

There have been two attended GeoHashes. ...That anyone reported.

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