Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Today's location: not yet announced

The Tuscaloosa, AL graticule includes a handful of towns including Northport, Gordo, Fayette, Jasper, Carbon Hill, and Cordova. There are many interesting possible meetup spots, including the Talledega National Forest, the middle of Lake Tuscaloosa, or perchance near an old coal mine. Based on local knowledge, the probability of meeting any pirates or ninjas is regretfully slim to none.

Today's Location: [Tuscaloosa, AL]


  • Skiing
  • Mud-riding

Notable Locations[edit]

  • 2009-04-21 According too the sat map on google this location seems perfectly situated next to a body of water. Sadly im too far away to go.
  • 2009-04-22 Much closer to my location today, extremely close to the river. I really wish I could go out that way to take pictures

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