Truro, Nova Scotia

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The Truro graticule is at latitude 45, longitude -63. Like many of the other graticules in Atlantic Canada, geohash locations will often be over water or far from roads. The northern portion consists of the Northumberland Strait and North Shore of Nova Scotia from River John in the east past Pugwash in the west. South of this is Oxford in the west, the Wentworth Valley, and Nuttby Mountain and Mount Thom in the east. Truro, located where the Salmon River meets the Minas Basin, part of the Bay of Fundy, is near the middle of the graticule. To the south there are a number of communities located off of Highway 102 (which heads towards Halifax), but the area is generally sparsely populated.


No known attempts, graticule is virgin.


No known geohashers in area.