Time-traveller achievement

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This user earned the Time-traveller achievement
by reaching both the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) and ({{{latitude2}}}, {{{longitude2}}}) geohashes at exactly {{{time}}} on {{{date}}}.

The achievement can be claimed if you venture to two or more geohashing locations on the same day and the same local time. If you don't own a time-machine, you'll probably need to cross a time-zone border. Of course, you need to upload photos of yourself containing the necessary proof.

[edit] Winners

Woodveil was at the 2009-03-08 33 -84 and 2009-03-08 33 -85 hashes at 12:39 local time.
B2c and Patrizius were at the 2013-10-27 47 13 and 2013-10-27 47 12 hashes at 02:09 local time. It was a DST time travel.
Micsnare and B2c were at the 2014-10-26 47 14 and 2014-10-26 47 13 hashes at 02:01 local time. It was a DST time travel. Again ;)

[edit] See also

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