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Use {{location|DE}} to tag expeditions that took place in Germany. It will add Category:Expeditions in Germany to the expedition.

You may also tag the state (Bundesland) or even the district (Kreis) that the expedition took place. For the states, use ISO 3166-2 abbreviations. For districts, use the 1-3 letter code found on license plates.

District codes can be issued to more than one district, and a district may have more than one code. If a district code is assigned to both a city and a rural district, use city=true to indicate that the expedition took place in the city, otherwise the template will assume it took place in the rural district. If a code is issued to more than one district, the this template will use the code of the district which has the name that the code derives from. For example, license plates with the code BH can be issued by both Landkreis Rastatt and Ortenaukreis. Since the city of Bühl, which BH is derived from, is located in Landkreis Rastatt, this template will use it for this district. Expeditions in Ortenaukreis can be tagged with other codes, among them OG.

An special code is used to tag expeditions in the city of Bremerhaven, which shares its district code with the city of Bremen, see the example section for that.

If the category link appears red, do not worry and create the category. Make sure that it is included in the appropriate parent category, for instance, Category:Expeditions in Landkreis Vechta is a subcategory of Category:Expeditions in Niedersachsen, which is a subcategory of Category:Expeditions in Germany. The subcategories should be sorted in by their respective (primary) code.


  • {{location|DE}}: Germany
  • {{location|DE|BW}}: Baden-Württemberg
  • {{location|DE|BW|HD}}: Rhein-Neckar-Kreis
  • {{location|DE|BW|HD|city=true}}: Heidelberg
  • {{location|DE|BW|KA}}: Landkreis Karlsruhe
  • {{location|DE|BW|KA|city=true}}: Karlsruhe
  • {{location|DE|BW|S}}: Stuttgart
  • {{location|DE|BW|BAD}}: Baden-Baden
  • {{location|DE|BW|BK}}: Rems-Murr-Kreis
  • {{location|DE|ST|BK}}: Landkreis Börde
  • {{location|DE|HB}}: Bremen
  • {{location|DE|HB|city=Bremerhaven}}: Bremerhaven