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nw n ne
wn namen en
wsnames es
sw s se
Full Example
nw n ne
w name North e
wname South e
sw s se
Minimal Example
Whyalla Port Pirie World's End
Moonta Adelaide North Waikerie
KingscoteAdelaide South Murray Bridge
Cape Gantheaume -36,138 Kingston
Adelaide GraticuleN.png
Real Example
A more awesome version of Template:Graticule, designed for cities that occupy vertically adjacent graticules.

Originally made by Joannac, rewritten and overcomplicated by Matty.


(refer to the Full Example at right to see where each parameter goes)

mapn, maps
what to draw for the northern/southern map.
what to draw for the entire map.
Only used if both mapn and maps are left out.
(optional) if specified, only draws the map and caption (if any).
namen, names
What to write in the northern/southern mid section of the legend.
A single name that fills the entire mid-section of the legend. (Overrides namen and names)
Default text to use, if namen, names, and name-both are all left out.
Automatically gets North and South appended where appropriate.
n, s
ne, nw, se, sw
Neighbouring graticules in the simple directions.
en, es, wn, ws
Neighbouring graticules to the east and west.
The second letter (n or s) determines weather the neighbour is adjacent to the northern or southern part of the twin graticule.
e, w
Default values for otherwise unspecified east/west graticules.
Extra stuff to include at the bottom of the box, like the caption text of an Image.


|map=[[Image:Adelaide GraticuleN.png]]
|n=[[Port Pirie, Australia|Port Pirie]]
|ne=[[World's End, Australia|World's End]]
|en=[[Waikerie, Australia|Waikerie]]
|es=[[Murray Bridge, Australia|Murray Bridge]]
|se=[[Kingston, Australia|Kingston]]
|sw=[[Cape Gantheaume, Australia|Cape Gantheaume]]
|ws=[[Kingscote, Australia|Kingscote]]
|wn=[[Moonta, Australia|Moonta]]
|nw=[[Whyalla, Australia|Whyalla]]
|caption=Real Example

See Also: Template:Graticule, Template:GraticuleH, Template:GraticuleQ

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