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Rapid City


| lat = 43
| lon = -103
| n = [[Rapid City, SD|]]
| sw = [[Lusk, WY|]]

Notes on usage:

  • As per Template:Graticule, you can specify | map = ... and | name = ... parameters if you wish.
  • You don't have to include neighbors that don't exist. The template will automatically insert a "–" for absent neighbors. This dash now acts as a link to the missing graticule.
  • You can automatically abbreviate links using the magic pipe: insert a | character at the end of the bracketed text: [[Smalltown, USA|]] is magically transformed (at save time) to [[Smalltown, USA|Smalltown]].
  • You can add a "| maponly = 1" if you just want the map without the links to the surrounding graticules.
  • You can add a "| point= 1" if you want the map to show the (approximately) current hash point for the graticule.

All articles using this template should use wikilink brackets ([[ and ]]) to link to the other neighboring graticules.