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Ballarat, Australia Snaplatitude, a lady friend In a private paddock near Lake Goldsmith
Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff On a nature hiking path in Riverdale.
Greenville, South Carolina Rationalizer Just north of Honea Path, SC. 30 minutes south of Greenville.
Astoria, Oregon AeroIllini Just off Route 6, southwest of Centralia, WA.
Seattle, Washington AeroIllini, OtherJack Side garden of a house in Delridge, West Seattle
Zürich, Switzerland Calamus A field near Wislikofen
London East, United Kingdom Huinesoron Slap bang in the middle of the northbound lane of the A128, a short distanc...
Trollhättan, Sweden Cjk On the E45 in the middle of the road south of Mellerud.