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Pakenham, Australia Felix Dance On an operating footy field in Cowes, Victoria.
Santa Ana, California LucasBrown In a wooded area north of Fallbrook, off of Sandia Creek Dr.?
Los Angeles, California Hijackal A riverbed near Acton
Lawrence, Kansas QuantumCop In someone's front yard just off of U.S. Rte. 59, south of Ottawa, KS
Seattle, Washington OtherJack A parking lot in a business park by the Green River
Vancouver, British Columbia Wijnland along the Sea to sky, just of Kelvin Grove in howe sound.
Whistler, British Columbia Wijnland close to Duffey lake, between Pemberton and Lilloet
Frankfurt am Main, Germany LadyBB, Mampfred, EmmJay In the woods behind Gräveneck.
Berlin, Germany Hijackal Conveniently located in the middle of a road in a suburb of Berlin.
Malmö, Sweden Fasanen In a field outside Alstad, Skåne, Sweden.