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Decatur, Illinois ravi, aditya, Anika Near Lake Shelbyville, Findlay, IL.
Boston, Massachusetts ChrisG, wifeygirl Leominster, MA, behind a house on Central Street
Corning, New York Hic Sunt Laganum The northbound lane of Hotaling Road
Pforzheim, Germany Ekorren Nagold-Vollmaringen, at the edge of a field near the soccer ground.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany QuarterCacher, Mampfred On a strip of grass between some fields right next to the Autobahn A5 near ...
Edinburgh, United Kingdom mrs benjw who took the ph, Benjw In an area of scrubland, a few metres off a minor road near Douglas in the ...
Malmö, Sweden Fasanen On an old road north of the Krageholm lake, Skåne, Sweden