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McAllen, Texas Lightrider Near Monte Christo Road
Santa Ana, California scerruti , d* The hash is near Fallbrook, CA. It is less than 10km from my home.
Boston, Massachusetts someone at a random ip address Alongside Washington Street in Newton, Massachusetts.
Cambridge, United Kingdom Benjw On a public footpath east of Stretham, near Ely. There's also a geocache v...
Odense, Denmark signe, Bird YEEEES! I finally got it! After no less than three failed attempts, one of which...
Salo, Finland Jusu A hill called Melkkomäki in Muurla, Salo, Finland. Topo map.
Helsinki, Finland JyNu, pvainio In the woods in Vihti close to a town Nummela.
Östersund, Sweden upholsterer, sva cacher Expedition was documented on Opencaching.se