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Atlanta, Georgia NWoodruff In an apartment complex in Duluth.
Magdalena, New Mexico sons, Redaragorn On a dirt road in the NE corner of hash, not far from the intersection of N...
Washington (West), District of Columbia Rhonda In a parking lot near the George H. W. Bush Center for Central Intelligence...
Rockford, Illinois Bassoon, Kuderererer, Dedehawk In a thicket of dense, low-lying underbrush at the side of a road near Stou...
Firenze, Italy David An unpaved small road in the hills around Florence, Italy.
Hermiston, Oregon Thomcat South of the Tri Cities on the Washington side of the river. Could be farml...
Goldendale, Washington Thomcat Back into those hills south of Yakima - this time for a success?
McMinnville, Oregon Michael5000 In the woods north of Vernonia.
Astoria, Oregon Michael5000 In the Capital State Forest, twelve miles WSW of Olympia.
Ocean Shores, Washington Michael5000 A vacant lot in Ocean Shores.
Rotterdam, Netherlands Mr. Pi, fred In the cold deep waters of the Rotterdam harbor.