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Gastonia, North Carolina Art First expedition for Art and the first expedition in Gastonia, North Carolina
Perryton, Texas Redassag02 In the middle of a field.
Baltimore, Maryland Cordelya In restricted waters off the shore of Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood Area...
Danbury, Connecticut chris, tim, anne, Deep Horizons, jay East of Danbury
Portland, Oregon Jim Backyard of a house in Sandy, Oregon
Genève, Switzerland his father, User:Crox In what used to be an (apple?) orchard in Prangins. The location can be see...
Seattle, Washington origo was interested in attendi Somewhere in Northern Washington.
Berlin, Germany her boyfriend, Hiro, christian, Benpicco Midnight circus no batteries geohash on an animal cementary near Hollandweg...
Stockholm, Sweden Lfolkersen Vaxo