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Use {{subst:Expedition}} (or preferably the more verbose version with parameters given below) to copy an expedition report template to your newly created expedition page.

Please provide the following parameters. If you don't, the required parameters will be substituted with placeholders that you may fill in later.

|lat = latitude of graticule  (e.g.: 60 - just the integer number, not the full coordinates of the geohash!)
|lon = longitude of graticule (e.g.: 10)
|date = date of expedition, in YYYY-MM-DD format
|image = your best picture, which will be shown at the top of the report (omit the "Image:" or "File:" prefix)

Click here to see an example of what the template looks like as you start to fill it in.

Minimal, copyable version:

{{subst:Expedition |lat = |lon = |date = }}