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In case the Würzburg crew considers to go, the following timetable could be possible:

Würzburg Hbf 06:37 with RE
Heilbronn Hbf 08:10
Heilbronn 08:42 with S4 (tram) from the stop in front of the station
Karlsruhe Hbf 09:40
Karlsruhe Hbf 10:04 with RE
-> Ekorren could join at Hausach (11:21)
Donaueschingen 12:17

-> 8 km one way by bike to the hashpoint, then back to Donaueschingen or further on to Geisingen-Hausen (12 km)

From Donaueschingen 14:18
OR from Geisingen-Hausen 14:32
Arrival at Altshausen 16:41

3 km one way to the hashpoint in the Sankt Gallen graticule (forest! rather ambitious timeline)

Altshausen 17:14 via Tübingen and Stuttgart or
Altshausen 17:35 via Ulm and Stuttgart
back in Würzburg at 22:47
back in Karlsruhe at 21:43

It may be added that the lines Karlsruhe-Donaueschingen (so called Black Forest Railway) and Donaueschingen-Altshausen (along the upper Donau valley) are very scenic lines.

--Ekorren 19:48, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

In case nobody else wants to join at a later time, I might consider the following schedule, but I might just as well alter or cancel it without notice (got some unexpected problem):

  • arrival at Hüfingen Mitte 8:47
  • bike to hashpoint and further on to Weizen station
  • from Weizen station 11:15 via Waldshut, Basel and Müllheim to Neuenburg, arr 14:47
  • bike along the Rhine river via 47,7 hashpoint to Breisach
  • home by train from there

It's a bit late now, sorry about that. However, just to confirm, thepiguy and I won't be able to make it tomorrow. If you do go for the double hash, good luck, and I can't wait to hear about the results! -Srs0 21:59, 30 May 2009 (UTC)