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  • Cleric999 - [10 June 2008] maaan, are you all just friends or somthing? or is there really just THAT many awsome people in KW? I'll be attempting to come to your grat. this saturday, provided its not on the far opposite side of me
  • JYavner - [10 June 2008] I have never in my life met *any* of these people.  There's a lot of xkcd fans here who say "I'll go if it isn't too far from my house".  But so far it always has been.
  • psychiccheese - [14 June 2008] it could be since there's two universities in the Waterloo, one of them being known for their maths/computer programs.

i will show up if its in biking distance from ingersoll o n bottom left but so far nothing has showed up

  • Dr. D - [13 June 2008] Wellesley happens to be my hometown. I'm willing to make the trek out on Sunday...
  • a-priori - [28 June 2008] I'll be there around 1pm today if other people will be there. Let me know.