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GRATICULE? more like failticule. I hate the Atlantic Ocean. - tim

Who is this tim that is taking credit for what Flamehead6544 has done? - Flamehead6544

I found today's site, 2008-09-04 at 5:40 pm. No one else there. I don't quite follow the directions for creating an expedition page. - bruce1729

Today's hash, 2008-09-06, appeared on the map to be 800 from the road, which put it well into the woods behind the back yard of a rather large unnumbered house on Glebe Road, just over the line into Taunton. With the hurricane approaching (at 4:05 pm) I didn't get out of my car. Thursday's hash appeared to be pretty close to a maple tree in the front yard of 6 Carlos Estates Drive. - bruce1729

Patrick: Re 2008-08-14, Aquidneck Island is not the official name of any place; only locals would know what that means. (See wikipedia article.) Therefore we locals should not use the name in a context that is accessible worldwide. But, the body of water in question has a name; it is the Sakonett River. Unless you suggest some other idea I'm going to change it. - bruce1729