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GRATICULE? more like failticule. I hate the Atlantic Ocean. - tim

Who is this tim that is taking credit for what Flamehead6544 has done? - Flamehead6544

I found today's site, 2008-09-04 at 5:40 pm. No one else there. I don't quite follow the directions for creating an expedition page. - bruce1729

Today's hash, 2008-09-06, appeared on the map to be 800 from the road, which put it well into the woods behind the back yard of a rather large unnumbered house on Glebe Road, just over the line into Taunton. With the hurricane approaching (at 4:05 pm) I didn't get out of my car. Thursday's hash appeared to be pretty close to a maple tree in the front yard of 6 Carlos Estates Drive. - bruce1729

Patrick: Re 2008-08-14, Aquidneck Island is not the official name of any place; only locals would know what that means. (See wikipedia article.) Therefore we locals should not use the name in a context that is accessible worldwide. But, the body of water in question has a name; it is the Sakonett River. Unless you suggest some other idea I'm going to change it. - bruce1729

Graticule page cleanup[edit]

I've been going through the wiki cleaning up graticule pages, adding links to orphaned expeditions and such. I'd like to propose removing all of the listings for points back in 2008 that nobody tried to reach, but since there has been some activity by locals (most notably, Vbob) in the area in the past year, I'll defer to the opinion of locals on doing this.--Eldin (talk) 17:59, 26 June 2015 (EDT)

Prune away![edit]

I'm embarrassed if I'm the high point of activity in these parts - haven't managed a hash in a very long time. Of course, a boat would help.

I don't see any reason not to clean up reports of things that didn't happen - unless they didn't happen in an interesting way.....