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Any other residents of the Easy Valley up for a meeting?

Anybody out there?

It's 9/4/08, anyone?

I'd love to, but most of the time, the algorithm finds places in our graticule that require advanced drive+hike expeditions that are full weekend camping excursions to places where the line between life and death is pretty sharp and quick. If we want to do xkcd meetups we should pick a reasonable alternate location unless we actually get something that doesn't require a 15-mile desert wilderness hike. Case in point: the meetup point for 9/13/08 is 5 miles north of Carefree (also the closest roads) across some very rugged terrain, and that's one of the better ones I've seen so far.

Yeah, I've been watching for months and I think I've seen maybe 3 or 4 that were anywhere near accessible. I don't know that this experiment is gonna catch on here.

Can we make a modified version of geohashing where the graticule covers almost the whole city portion of the Valley? i.e. the western half of the East Valley graticule and the eastern half of the West Valley graticule. Instead of starting from 33,-111 or 33,-112, start from 33,-111.5.