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I think this award should be reserved for the most difficult of attempts. Like mount everest during the stormy season. Or in the middle of a hurricane. There should be obvious signs of suffering in the pictures. Missing limbs, frostbite, jagged scars. missing body hair .. something. Or possibly it should have been necessary to have physically and irrevocably altered the face planet to achieve the geohash. No disrespect to the denver group, the location was off the beaten path in the mountains, but it doesn't look like they've met that criteria. I mean, to really make mother nature your bitch, that should be a story that your grandchildren tell to their grandchildren. Maybe there should be another less difficult one by the name of "trailblazer geohash" or "Mother Nature is overated geohash". I don't know maybe I have mountain envy, or perhaps I'm a little dissatisfied with a "Flat Corn fields are my bitch", or "Young Woman's Christian Association is my bitch" geohashes that I qualified for the past two weeks near chicago.