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Next expedition: August 1st, 2009

This is a Couchsurfing event, but of course anyone is welcome

What is geohashing?[edit]

Some months ago, XKCD published a comic introducing the concept of GEOHASHING, which is now quite popular. The algorythm is a bit complicated, but the geohashing tool is used to calculate each day a random location, based on the user's local area, and being within reasonable distance. Try the tool yourself to have an idea of what is possible. Follow this link, click on Luxembourg, and WHAM! You get the location for today!

The event[edit]

On July 31st, after 3.30 PM, I will get the coordinates for the event, update the event's location, and send the coordinates and a Google Map to all the meeting members. I will also include my phone number, which could be useful if anyone gets lost.

Link to the event:

Link to the discussion:

Be prepared[edit]

Although nobody can predict where we will have to go, you can still be prepared, if you have the right material. It's up to you, of course. But here's what other people have found useful:

In General: 1. GPS / aerial maps / driving directions: Some way to get to your destination (note that GPS won't help you find your way around cities with crazy one-way streets)

2. Camera: Record proof of reaching the target or take group photos (besides taking pictures of cool stuff)

Also consider:

1. Snacks (Remember, we're also having a picnic)

2. Water

3. Cell phone (in case of emergencies)

4. Games

5. Tripod for camera (group photos)

6. Book or laptop, if you need something to keep you busy while you're waiting for other geohashers

7. Picnic blanket

8. Sunblock

9. Bug spray

10. Solid boots (We may have to walk in a corn field, in the forest, on a muddy soil, on sharp rocks...)

11. Rain gear

12. Swimsuit?

13. A Citation might come in useful.

42. Towel

More extreme stuff:

If you have an inflatable boat and the meeting point is somewhere close to a lake, it might be a good idea to bring it with you. A foldable bike could also be a good idea, but only if there's a road to use it on, of course. If you have a feeling that the meeting point might be on something cliff-like, you could also bring a rope (otherwise, your towel will do), but by all means, be careful!


Here are some quotes from the geohashing quotes wiki that will give you a better idea:

- Basically, we take a random point based on the Stock exchange and the current date, and go and have wacky adventures. Think of me as a new kind of adventure capitalist. - UnwiseOwl, explaining geohashing to a friend.

- That someone gets off at that stop, that happens maybe once in ten years – Ekorren’s friendly busdriver.

- Then I realised, despite all my whining, my pain and exhaustion, my total lack of any positive thoughts at all, I was enjoying myself. I was having one of the most exhilarating times of my life. I was exploring a place that no one had ever been, seeing things no one had ever seen, pushing my body to its limit for a ridiculously pointless goal and loving every second of it.- UnwiseOwl

- We then attempted to explain the geohashing concept but eventually gave up and, with great authority, said "Don't worry, we're from the Internet" which seemed to satisfy her.- Mike V, Edmonton

You get the idea.

More information[edit]

You will find more information about geohashing, as well as some pictures, on this wiki: