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I'm wondering if we should combine the other four graticules around Denver into this page. I happen to live in the southwest one and am beginning to wonder if this should be an all day event for the driving rather than just meeting at 4 on Saturdays. -Michael

-It is possible we should combine them all.

-A thought - Maybe we should write a small script or manually do the math to find the centroid coordinate of the four location points for the Saturday meets, for maximum attendance?

Denver has been combined into one article. As to finding locations, I think it'll be pretty easy and obvious which one is closest most of the time, but we can always discuss which one to go to.

  • For the first Saturday, I say we find the easiest of the 4 points and encourage that to be the primary meetup location.
  • I added a Facebook group (if Toronto can do it, so can we!)

Geohash - Denver: (hopefully that will bring in a few more people)

Who made it to the SW point today? I'd like to keep stats on everyone. Akedrou? Are you on the partisipants list? I may head out to that one as well. -Damien

Well, uh, Keenesburg Saturday (NE quadrant)?

It seems there is a problem with the Geohashing Coordinate Calculator. Every time the update button is clicked, a new geohash point is generated. Any one able to work out the point by hand?

I'm totally not seeing that, and my coordinates match the "canonical" coordinates listed from the main page. 0.1266480113970560, 0.5475331240942810 --Doug

New Graticule Template[edit]

Hey guys, if you're interested, have a look at Template:GraticuleQ. It replicates Template:Graticule for four-graticule cities like Denver. Since you already have a map and a nicely formatted neighbouring graticules table it's not really important, but you never know. --Matty 12:00, 30 November 2008 (UTC)

Saturday the 24th Destination[edit]

If we're seriously discussing the NW quadrant, we should be clear on what we need to get there. It looks like the easiest route would theoretically be up Beaver Reservoir Road (CR-96). I'm not sure how to tell if it's open, or what condition it is in, or how far up we could get. I have 4WD (and a GPS) so I'm game, but it'd be nice if we could all get there (check out the terrain map on google to get an idea of what we're getting into). --Doug

The link, for reference: 40.126648°,-105.547534° --Doug
I really think it's a hike up what looks like either a stream or a path, I just can't figure out how far that would be. It is however the only one that is not in a mountain or on private property. -Mario

NW seems to be doable. From the lake to the point along the trail/stream looks to be just over a mile. Topographic map shows that the path doesnt seem to be a steep increase in elevation. The problem might be getting from the highway to the lake. Depending on the conditions of the road, normal cars might have trouble getting up it. Zooming in on the road shows there to be some houses off of it meaning the road must be passable for people to live there. Bring hiking boots and water. - Jeff

Beaver Reservoir Road is a maintained dirt road generally open year-round. It should be passable by passenger vehicles at this time of the year. I haven't been up there this year, but last year the road was dry all the way to the gate at the Coney Flats road in mid-May. I'm definitely interested in hitting this location tomorrow. -- Jaeger

I did some plot calculation on Google Earth, and if Beaver Road is open, then it's a .60-.75 mile hike, straight shot. All the roads around it are about a mile away. Perfect adventure! -Michael

Everything is looking good. The weather looks like it will clear for tomorrow, but the internet says it might rain. Bring all weather gear just in case, especially if it tries to snow (higher elevations). The NW location is looking like the one we will be going to, so how about we plan on getting to Beaver Reservoir by 3:30 so we can all walk up to the spot by 4? --Mike

Sounds plantastic. --Doug
I concur! --Jeff
Here is the proposed 3:30pm meeting place: 40.121239,-105.523931 -Mario

I am going to toss into my car: 1 camping 'end table', a magnetic chess board, and 2 camping chairs. The three camping things have soft cases with a strap so you can sling it over your arm. Also, I always have a small first aid kit in the car, so I'll have that as well just in case. I don't own a digital camera, so here is hoping someone else brings it. Make sure to bring WATER and any snacks you will carry out. I figure we will walk back to the meeting spot before it gets dark (6 or 7pm) -Mario

I've got a digital camera, and a GPS, and I'll also bring the Colorado Gazetteer (which has the trails you can see on the satellite image marked. Actually, the GPS may have topo maps for that area, too, but it's old, and serial, and if it wasn't loaded on it six years ago, it's not getting loaded now). I've get a big-ish (tournament weighted) chess set, but I keep it in a tube (one of those vinyl boards, you know), so it's easily transportable by backpack (and have a first aid kit and all that standard medium-core hikey stuff). No chairs and stuff, though. --Doug

I'm bringing my laptop for music - about a 2 hour battery in it. Someone should consider bringing an ipod stereo or something. Also, make sure to dress warmly. -Michael

I have a camera and tripod so we can try to get a group picture with a timer. Also, got small first aid kit and GPS. I'll be bringing my DS but unfortunately don't own any board games. -Jeff

I feel i should insert a word of caution here: I would be willing to bet that this road the point is on will still be snowed under. If so, please use common sense and call the expedition off at a reasonable point! (i.e. down on the beaver reservoir road). With that said, I'll try to make it up that way if I end up with enough time to do so. In that case, I have a camera, tripod, portable chess set, and portable Go set (if anyone's into that!) - Rich

Well, that's what snowshoes are for! (And yes, I have some. But, uh, point taken.) Always wanted to learn how to play go, though... --Doug
We almost needed those snow shoes.  :P -Michael
My feet are now dry and warm, yay! -Mario
Made it home after a few misadventures and posted a couple pics on the Facebook group! -Celeste
I set up a page for 5-24 here. --Jeffhutch103 06:50, 25 May 2008 (UTC)

Saturday the 7th Destination[edit]

First Saturday is actually the 7th; June 1st is a Sunday (I edited the page to fix that) --Doug 19:45, 25 May 2008 (UTC)

Is there going to be a new theme for this? - Michael
Maybe pick something related to the Friday comic? --Jeffhutch103 23:57, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Are you thinking hats or car mines? The latter might affect our carpooling choices. - Karmen
Remote mines! Like from Goldeneye 64! You know how amazing it would be if everyone showed up wearing a black hat? -Michael
Somebody is editing the Saturday locations using the Friday geohash points. I'm going to put the corrected locations up now, but they might get overwritten. if that happens, please make the page revert to my edit (as i have to leave to work and don't have internet), the one showing the SW location inside lockheed martin. - Rich (--Booger 15:33, 6 June 2008 (UTC))
Yeah, my bad, that was me and I figured out my error.  :P - Michael
It was me, too. Sorry! Next time, I'll drink coffee first, then check the coordinates. - Karmen
Not sure if I will make this one. Fort Collins is a long drive from Colorado Springs for just a few hours. Is anyone in Denver willing to carpool? I wouldn't mind driving to Denver then hitching a ride the rest of the way. --Jeffhutch103 19:28, 6 June 2008 (UTC)
I am north of Denver a bit, but I have 1 spot... see the page under carpooling. - Mario
i'm curious about the parking situation at this place. the streetview doesn't show much of a shoulder along the road... anyone have any ideas where vehicles can be left so as to not be too much in the way? - Rich
It looks like there is enough room on the side for one car... and it's fenced off, suggesting private property. I guess we'll just have to see. -Michael
I suppose we should have alternate meeting locations in mind to move to once we know what the G-SPOT looks like (har har). the closest appealing looking park/open area is Westfield park (link) to the north/northeast, Seneca St between harmony and horsetooth. alternatively the horsetooth reservoir area could be interesting. i don't know much of anything about fort collins, so i would defer to others' judgement, but that's what looks best to me. - Rich
Hah. sitting in the parking lot of Johnson Elementary next to said park, there's an open access point! So far i appear to be the only one here, besides the little league team in the ballfield. - Rich :D

Note from Randall[edit]

Wow, congrats on getting so much together so fast! I look forward to seeing pictures and reading accounts. --Xkcd 18:27, 23 May 2008 (UTC)Xkcd