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Jack: I am 20m to the east of the divide in st lucia....can't i be in the west side...........

Fatal_eXception: NO! In fact we will be constructing a wall to keep East Brisbane and West Brisbane separate! You will keep your communist ideals to your side!

... but seriously, you can go to any graticule you like :P

Two Things[edit]

Hey folks, two things in which you might be interested:

  1. There is a project underway that attempts to create a uniform naming scheme for all the Australian graticules: User:UnwiseOwl/Australia. I've tweaked it so you guys are all gravy.
  2. I just created two new graticule templates, one of which could be useful for the Brisbane page. ⇒
    Feel free to nick it if you like.
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- Brisbane West Brisbane East -
- Warwick Tweed Heads -
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