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Dallas north, Houston southwest?[edit]

I would think that the folks in Killeen and Waco would beg to differ with the notion that the Dallas graticule is directly north of the Austin graticule. You could make a slightly less substantial but still notable case for Wharton, which is inconveniently located to the southeast of Austin even though Houston would be much more convenient if it were a few hundred miles west of its actual location. --RobertB 18:22, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

  • I'm going to assume it was a cut-n-paste error and fix it. --RobertB 15:38, 23 May 2008 (UTC)


I'll try to be there at 5 if I can get out of the office. Anyone else? China Star buffet is ALMOST right there, so I'll probably go there for dinner. Jon the Geek 15:40, 30 May 2008 (UTC)


It's about time that the meet up spot is somewhere near Austin. I'll try to get out there this evening at about 9pm or so. - Meat.Paste EDIT: From the satellite images on Google, it looks like there are gates blocking the way to the roads that would get to the spot. It may not be legally reachable.

I'll (try to) be there around 3:30-4, and if I can reach it, I'll leave a marker of sticks. On google maps I don't see the gates you're talking about, but the maps tend to be years old anyway and with all the visible construction in that area who knows what's changed since then. Just look a little to the east and you can see where the tolled part of Mopac fades into nothingness! UPDATE. You were right. fenced in on all sides. one gate was open but had active construction vehicles nearby. good luck if you try it. -s3g2

I drove by and was able to see the roads I needed to take, but I think they belong to the lime mining operation across the street. Couldn't get in. Bummer - MeatPaste


It looks like an easy one today. It's on a street in a suburb. I won't be able to make it, though (LAN party tonight). MeatPaste


An accessible spot today. Anyone interested in trying to meet? - MeatPaste

It's getting a little late but if you read this and wanna carpool there I'd be willing. Also, the San Antonio location seems even easier to get to, as it's probably just in someone's front yard and not 500 ft into someone's field. The difference in mileage distance for me is negligible for either loc. - s3g2


Looks like a potential Speed Racer geohash today. I may make it there this evening. -s3g2


Is it me, or has the map page stopped working? is active, but doesn't display the information from google. So, there's no maps, just white space. The page does download some items from google, but doesn't display them. Weird. - MeatPaste

It works fine for me. Maybe Google was down when you tried? -- Moose Hole 17:09, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Maybe it doesn't like IE 6. It's not just our graticule, either. I've tried on multiple computers with the same results, so it is not specific to my setup. My workaround is to go to google maps directly and type in the coordinates. Still, it would be nice to know why (what I presume to be) the same information going through stops displaying. Hmmm.


An urban location finally. I'm already planning on driving through that area on Saturday, but it'll be after 4. -s3g2

It's a speed racer, in addition to being urban. I'll be there around 4:30-5:00 in a green Volvo. -MeatPaste


There would be a reachable spot on a weekend I'm out of town. Hope you Jacksonvillers have fun. -s3g2

2008-11-22 (30/-98)[edit]

There's a saturday meetup in the neighboring Fredericksburg graticule that's in a park near Lake Travis. Anyone want to carpool there from austin?


Hey! I'm going to create an official page for announcing meetups at Check there daily to see meetup times and location! :] This is such an amazing idea.


I am going to try to hit this one up. William Jackson 10:39, 6 May 2011 (EDT)