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Hi everyone,

As promised yesterday, I've translated the main page. Of course, I couldn't translate the automated parts... but I'll have a look at the german and spanish versions, see how they solved the problem, and do the same ASAP.

<Please include witty salutation>,


Spam targeting[edit]

I looked up and e-mailed the abuse e-mail of the IP address that's been being a pain. Thought I'd add it below.

Just thought I'd let you know that you appear to have a spambot attacking our wiki on geohashing at from IP address

If you can clean it out, we'd appreciate it. Thanks!


Oops. Oh well, I e-mailed one of the botnet, at least. :/ - 03:51, 17 January 2010 (UTC)

Page protégée[edit]

Dans la mesure où la traduction de cette page n'est pas terminée, je trouve qu'il est idiot d'en empêcher la modification : je ne compte pas m'inscrire sur ce wiki même si je trouve ça cool, et j'aurais bien traduit des choses...

Bon finalement je me suis inscrit :)

Until the translation of this page is complete, I find it silly to prevent its editing, as I don't plan to create an account although I find the idea kind of cool and I would have liked to translate stuff into french.

Apologies, the page was protected to try and stop spam. It has now been unprotected. I suggest you create an account anyway, as you'll probably get sick of solving captchas. Welcome to the community, and please do let me know if there are other pages you want to edit that have been protected. --joannac 21:56, 25 March 2010 (UTC)