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If I depart Frankfurt (Messe or Hbf) at 9:06, I transfer at Weinheim (Bergstr) and arrive at Käfertal Wald at 10:33. The next later option for arrival at same station is 12:03.

I depart from this same station for Nürnberg Hbf at 11:23, 11:53, 12:23, 12:53, 1:23, 1:53, etc. as is appropriate. Looks like this journey goes via Osterburken and Würzburg Hbf.

Update - for an extra half-hour more, I can return via Frankfurt Hbf. I am guaranteed a place to cache my luggage here, so this makes the most sense. Therefore, my ideal outbound from Käfertal Wald after the geohash are every hour at :53, that is 11:53, 12:53, 13:53, etc. After 15:53 the connections become less frequent. --Thomcat (talk) 00:32, 23 February 2014 (EST)
Anyone want to join me at Frankfurt Hbf - departing 9:06 from platform 12. --Thomcat (talk) 00:32, 23 February 2014 (EST)


Will be purchasing 44 euro ticket for up to 5 persons. Interested in joining me en-route?

Awesome that you managed to meet- I couldn't justify making the trip. Enjoy your stay here, Thomcat. :) Rincewind (talk)