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- Welcome to Geohashing. You asked in IRC for comments about the expedition pages you've created and suggestions on how to create them. This page and the 2 expedition planning pages you've created so far seem fine to me. When you finish writing up an expedition after going out (whether you succeeded or failed), you might remove any sections from the template that you didn't end up putting any content into, and select the appropriate categories by un-commenting the category lines at the bottom of the template, and deleting the ones that don't apply to your expedition, including the Expedition Planning category once the expedition has actually happened. For this particular expedition, I left the following categories:

  • Expeditions This standard category should be applied to any expedition page
  • Coordinates not reached applied to expeditions which actually happened, but where nobody actually reached the coordinates
  • Not reached - No public access reason for the expedition being included in the above category. This is optional

You might also want to link your completed expeditions from the appropriate graticule page, and possibly your user page as well. As to creating expedition pages, using the link from the mapping site as you did works fine. I generally type in the URL for the expedition page by hand ( if I'm creating the page before I go out. If I don't create the page before I go out, I generally post an initial report from the field using the geohashing app for android, which creates the page using the standard template. No one option is preferred by all, so do whatever works and seems easiest to you. At any rate, I hope you found any of this helpful, and best of luck to you in your future geohashing endeavors. --Eldin (talk) 03:51, 24 March 2013 (EDT)

- Welcome to geohashing also from my part! I noticed that you probably earned the Formal Attire achievement if you visited the hash en route to a gala evening. There is also evidence: your tie visible in one image. Feel free to add that achievement also! Tilley (talk) 12:48, 24 March 2013 (EDT)

- The categories I selected and the suggestion of the 'no trespassing' ribbon above were based on the assumption that you were considering this as an expedition where the coordinates were not successfully reached. Since you later indicated on IRC that you felt you had successfully reached the coordinates, I added the Coordinates Reached category to your page instead. I also put a link to your expedition on the DC graticule page. If you're interested, the criteria I hold myself to for claiming to have reached the coordinates are 1- I believe I reached the coordinates. 2- I am within the circle of uncertainty of my GPS device. 3- GPS shows me within 10m (33ft) of the coordinates. You are free to adopt the same (or similar) standards for yourself, or come up with your own. --Eldin (talk) 13:23, 24 March 2013 (EDT)

I would add to this that there was no obvious reason I could not have made it to the point within the margin of error/uncertainty for the GPS device. So if it is clearly 2 meters away inside a buidling I can't get into: tough luck. In a forest 10 meters away but I'm free to roam: success! As it is, I'll only remove the New Report category.