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Uh oh.. no report yet. You didn't drown, did you? I'm anxious to hear how it went. Also you forgot to invite me.--Murfie 19:16, 30 June 2012 (EDT)

No, I didn't drown, thanks for your consideration. :-) And sorry about not inviting you, I didn't know you were active here. You might want to add yourself to the list of active graticulars. And watch the graticule meetup page (not sure if that works, I just watched it myself). By the way, you want to check out Lemmer tomorrow. It's near the bus station and highway, so whatever your means of transport is (bus, hitch-hiking, car), it's always easy to get there. Unfortunately I don't have time to go there myself. Well, I could do it in the early morning, but that's in like 4 hours, and I would like some sleep as well. ;-) --Shevek 20:02, 30 June 2012 (EDT)

Shame that it didn't work out ... it was such a nice plan. I had a great hike from Haren to Zuidlaren yesterday and may even do the Lemmer hash today, not much stuff planned really. Elwingelfje