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Arbron and unknown new user, congrats on the meetup. This may be a record for most independent expeditions in Vancouver. -Robyn 22:45, 7 March 2012 (EST)

The blue chalkmark was mine. I almost added a "too cold, going home" at 18:10 or so when I left. Next time I'll put arrival and departure times on.

Cyclists are permitted on the main deck of the Cambie bridge, because even city planners can it is annoyingly inefficient to be going down Nelson, have to dismount, cross the street, go down under the bridge, zig-zag up that access ramp, then exit the bridge underneath the rest of the traffic, and wait two lights to get across to the right lane to go up the hill and regain the altitude you already had on Nelson and could have kept had you stayed on the bridge. At any rate I'm glad I the new geohashers got to meet people and that the Vancouver geohashing season is indeed underway. I kind of airhashed yesterday, but I was test flying an airplane and didn't have the coordinates or a camera. -Robyn 00:13, 8 March 2012 (EST)

I could have biked on the main deck? Well if I'd known that... Actually, I ruined my Tron again anyway when I was riding near the hashpoint. I was at I think 43rd and Ross (the road in that area that's a half-marked bike route) and saw somebody tall and wearing a jacket that looked like yours run across the street and disappear up the road between Ross and Inverness. I yelled "Robyn?" then rode my bike that way, but didn't see anybody on the road, so I biked down Inverness (since it's a bike route) and told myself why would you wear that big bulky jacket while you were out running? While chasing ghosts in that area, I crossed my path a few times. This would have been maybe 18:20.
I wish I had been wearing a jacket! I was wearing the tights shown in the picture on my homepage, a red t-shirt, and a sword belt (okay a water bottle belt--turns out I do have one of those--but it had a velcro strap that held the sword). I thought of trying to guess which route you would take, to catch you on the way, but I had taken Inverness outbound, so I had to go a different way back. -Robyn 00:33, 8 March 2012 (EST)