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Watching the webcams[edit]

That Blick auf Kurplatz und Kurpark is fascinating! because it updates about once a second, you see people jumping around like they're in some computer game! I hope we get to see you! The user-controlled one is a nice idea but poorly executed. I have to wait for my turn to move the camera, and someone else might want to move it elsewhere, and i can't really work out what to press in order to make it move in the right direction. I'm hoping for the Kurplatz one to work! -- sermoa 12:02, 25 October 2009 (UTC)

Excellent! This webcam idea seems to be catching on. Well done :) --macronencer 23:33, 25 October 2009 (UTC)

Nice expedition! -- LuxMundi 12:58, 26 October 2009 (UTC)