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You're getting pretty bike enthusiastic! Unfortunately, I couldn't find time for doing some more bike expeditions in the last weeks/month, but you are setting high standards ... neglecting Arvid's weirdness (in a positive sense).--Reinhard 14:10, 29 September 2009 (UTC)

The bike double hash was something I really wanted to have on my list, and it actually was an incentive for further training. However, suitable coordinates are rather rare, days are getting shorter now, so when those came up, it was kind of a "now or not any soon" chance. Also, the 48,10 spot brought both a minesweeper point and one of the not-so-easy graticules for the regional achievement for Baden-Württemberg. So when those coordinates came up, I simply had to do it. I had no idea how long I would need, or whether I would arrive at all. My personal maximum for a day was 120 km before that, from Tübingen to Karlsruhe.
It's a great feeling to have pushed that up significantly AND made it a bike double hash. Going to upload a whole bunch of photos later today. --Ekorren 14:33, 29 September 2009 (UTC)