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Today is thepiguy and my hashiversaries, so we're going to try to make it. We're thinking of taking the train to Wittighausen, and then biking to the hashpoint (though it's in a field), biking back, and then taking the train back. Our departure time from the Würzburg Hbf is 17:33 and we're hoping to catch the 19:30 train back, though likely we'll take the ~21:45 train that goes to Lauda and then back to Würzburg.

Danatar, does the 24 hour ticket you told us about for Heidelberg also work in these areas? I saw Lauda on the map of viable cities, but not Wittighausen. Thanks! -Srs0 06:03, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

Wittighausen is along the line to Lauda, so it is valid of course, but maybe not the most reasonable solution.
  • The stop before Wittighausen, Gaubüttelbrunn, is only 2 km before Wittighausen and still in the VVM area.
  • Do you have the students ticket Danatar has? I believe that one is valid in all of the VVM, so also to Gaubüttelbrunn, so in that case you could go there for free.
  • If you have that and want to go to Wittighausen anyway, you might be able to convince the people at the ticket office to sell you a ticket from Gaubüttelbrunn to Wittighausen for about 1,50 per person and direction. This connecting ticket is not available at the ticket machines. They don't need to sell it if they don't want to, but often do. It's a slightly strange legal case with these connecting tickets. In opposite direction tickets to Gaubüttelbrunn are available at the ticket machines at Wittighausen for 2,10 EUR per person.
  • If you don't have a VVM pass, it gets slightly funny:
    • Single ticket to Gaubüttelbrunn is 4,90, to Wittighausen 4,70 (yes, the longer distance is cheaper!).
    • Cheapest solution is the "VRN Ticket 24 Plus" 24 hour ticket to Wittighausen for 14,50 € (group, so for both of you). That's basically the same as the one to Heidelberg for 19,50, but for a much smaller region.

--Ekorren, appr. 8:15, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

Arrg, edit conflict! It took me some time to write it, so I'll just post my part again, even if most of the information is there twice.
I don't have time this evening, sorry. This is the area for the VRN tickets. Würzburg is in the upper right corner and Wittighausen is 3 honeycombs below. To find out which level of the ticket you need, you have to count how many honeycombs you cross on your way, including the starting honeycomb (i.e. 4 from Würzburg to Wittighausen, 5 from Lauda to Würzburg; 7 for everything from 7 honeycombs up to the whole area).
Now the difficult part: Your student ID card paper is in general valid in this area. If you use the train it is valid until the last stop inside the VVM region where the train you use stops, i.e. if the train stops in Gaubüttelbrunn, you only have to buy a ticket from Gaubüttelbrunn to Wittighausen. If you return via Lauda, that train will probably not stop between Lauda and Würzburg, so you can't use your student ID card for that trip.
The (VRN) "Ticket 24" is for one person, "Ticket 24 plus" for up to 5 people. So you should take the Ticket 24 plus level 5 (14.50€) if you go via Lauda. But it would be cheapest (0€ with Würzburg student ID) to take the train to Gaubüttelbrunn and return from there at 19:35, 16 km in 90 minutes should be more than enough since there is nothing interesting at the hashpoint to make you stay longer than necessary. Have fun! - Danatar 08:28, 27 May 2009 (UTC)
More fun with inconsistent ticket pricing structures?
  • In case you need to take the connection via Lauda, where the students pass is not valid, a single ticket from Wittighausen to Würzburg via Lauda is 5,90, so two of them are still cheaper than the 24 hour pass. It might be a challenge to buy one such a deviated ticket, though. Further advice on request.
  • You can also buy a 24 hour ticket for the line from Lauda to Würzburg (so that it is valid to from Gaubüttelbrunn or Wittighausen to Würzburg via Lauda) for 9 € - but only at Gaubüttelbrunn. This is because in the VRN, unlike almost all other areas, a 24 hour ticket is not only valid for the area between the starting and end point but it into all directions from the place where you bought it as long as it's not more zones away from there than you have paid for. For the VRN, Gaubüttelbrunn is three zones from Lauda and three zones from Würzburg, so a three zones 24 hour ticket from Gaubüttelbrunn is valid to both Lauda and Würzburg.

--Ekorren 08:53, 27 May 2009 (UTC)


Thanks to both of you for all the help! I think I'll try to just use my student card/paper then and bike the rest, time permitting! Thank you so much Danatar and Ekorren! (Sorry to hear you can't make it Danatar!) -Srs0 09:06, 27 May 2009 (UTC)

I've read this page a few times now, and it's extremely useful. Thank you so much to both of you! After the actual outing, we should archive this page for future use. I've already saved the two pdf maps. Thanks again! -Srs0 09:27, 27 May 2009 (UTC)