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Brave attempt! Thanks for the write up. I'm totally with you for another time, next time it's over there on a weekend.

If you're going across the Lions Gate Bridge I would advise going straight through the Stanley Park Causeway on the sidewalk, rather than the whole park circuit.

Thanks! I won't even go into where in Stanley Park we ended up. Nice attempt in Tsawassen too! Too bad it didn't work out either.

Also, am I right in assuming you personally took that beautiful shot of Vancouver?

Yes, from my "office" window. Glad you like it. I saw that Seattle had a skyline shot on their page, and I thought, "I have a non-copyright photo that shows the major parts of our graticule: city, water, mountains." If you have the window too wide or too narrow it overlaps in funny ways, but that happens with the photo galleries too, so I guess it's a weakness of wiki.