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There is a small pier at the south end of the park. Recommend this for meetup location, as well as potential boat pickup spot.


Jack has a Hobie catamaran. He'll sail it down to Madrona park (arriving between 3 and 4, depending on the wind), beach it toward the south end, and wander around looking for people who want to sail to the actual meetup location. If you're interested, bring clothes that can get wet. If you have them a waterproof camera and twister set that would be good too. If you have a life jacket, that might also be good, but I'll bring try to bring extras, the water is nice, and it isn't that windy, so and they probably aren't needed unless we go for the combined water/twister challenge.

Since it's a nice day the park and beach might be crowded, so try to look, um, xkcd-appropriate. My cell is 3005348 (but I might be slow to answer if it's in a dry bag).

If anyone else has a boat, feel free to bring it.

Madrona Park is a good secondary location to hang out. Or there might be a pub nearby in sight of the meetup location.

Add comments if you're interested.

Nuke looked everywhere for his pirate eyepatch, but couldn't find it. Nonetheless, he plans to be at the south end pier by 4, at the latest.

Leo is strongly considering bringing a pirate costume and can't understand why a dozen people are not signed up for this.