Stupidity distance

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Straight on to the geohash.

The Stupidity Distance for a geohasher or for an expedition is the GPS distance a geohasher gets from the geohash before greed and desperation take over from planning and common sense and the geohasher plunges into questionable terrain, stumbling zombielike in the direction of the geohash without regard for thorns, wet feet or dangerous animals.

For optimum geohashing efficiency, a geohasher should cultivate a low stupidity distance, but a non-zero stupidity distance is sometimes required for successful missions in remote or rural areas.

Stupidity Inequality Hypothesis: SD(from) < SD(to). The stupidity distance stumbled is always lower when returning from the hash point. That is, regardless of the stupidity distance taken, there will always be a path or easier way to approach the geohash, and the geohasher will find it on the way out.

This makes sense but it's not guaranteed. 2015-12-01 52 1 documents greater stupidity on the return from the hashpoint, in the dark, with thick undergrowth and very steep gradients.
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