Staunton, Virginia

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Clarksburg, West Virginia Morgantown, West Virginia Cumberland, Maryland
Sutton, West Virginia Staunton Shenandoah Valley
Blacksburg Roanoke Appomattox

Today's location: not yet announced

Graticule 38, -79.



  • WonderB lives in staunton and works in harrisonburg - there are two geohashes available to him each workday.
  • Spi Waterwing splits time between Staunton and Waynesboro, and may or may not attend geohashes in the future.
  • Creaturex lives in Waynesboro (Shenandoah Valley graticule), but is frequently in Staunton as well, and has potential plans for getting an apartment there in the near future. He wants to attend geohashes in the future, should his schedule permit.


Recent Meetups[edit]