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This achievement was proposed in the past, but has been rejected, because of the lack of support to ever become an achievement. Please read the discussion page for more details.

As per the page proposed achievements: If an achievement has strong opposition and the reasons for opposition are not resolved through discussion, then the proposed achievements category is replaced with the rejected achievements category, the reason explained succinctly on the page, and the page otherwise marked to make sure it isn't confused with an achievements page.

The challenge here is enjoy human control over fire in a manner that is safe, legal and unobtrusive. The obvious and first intended way to do this is to smoke a cigarette. Do so without anyone complaining, glaring, sniffing ostentatiously, or otherwise expressing disapproval and you have earned the achievement.

That means of gaining the achievement is unavailable to anyone who has not attained the legal age to smoke in the geohash jurisdiction, because obviously you can't have a legal cigarette if you're not of legal age to do so, but smoke emanates from fires of all sorts and you can gain this award from a campfire or even a smoky candle. Setting your shirt on fire would not qualify, as it violates the principle of safety.

2008-07-16 47 9 is the first I've found that qualifies... --Thomcat 05:12, 12 August 2008 (UTC)