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This is a map of all known graticules containing parts of Slovenia.

Virgin Graticules are orange, the green ones (="deflowered" graticules) will give the name(s) of the first geohasher(s) in that graticule (or not). The blue ones are deflowered, but outside Slovenia.

Please note that this map is updated manually only in case someone sees an error and feels the urge to correct that. This means that it's by no means guaranteed to be correct, complete or otherwise accurate. Before claiming a virgin graticule achievement, you should always do extensive research for possible ninja expeditions hidden somewhere on the wiki.

N\E 13 14 15 16
46 Udine
Faina09 #
Jaanos #
Maribor Zalaegerszeg
45 Trieste
Faina09 #
Kokoon #
Zagreb West