San Juan, Puerto Rico

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19,-67 19,-66 19,-65
Mayagüez San Juan Carolina
La Parguera Ponce Lamboglia

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This graticule is located at 18 N, -66 W. It includes most of the land area and population of Puerto Rico. The graticule, however, is about half water. Geohashers from Puerto Rico may wish to use a half-graticule rule, making all geohashes on or close to land.

Please avoid using alternatives to the official algorithm unless there is a compelling reason to do so in your locale.
  • Alternative algorithms are appropriate for island regions or small countries without open borders. In such cases, please work towards a clear consensus with others in your graticule on the best alternative method for your region before establishing and publicising your local convention.
  • By using an alternate algorithm where it is not appropriate, you effectively fragment your graticule, reducing the number of people who might come to the same meetup.
The following method is only a suggestion. It may not be suitable for all areas requiring an alternate algorithm.