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  • Always research a geohash location and its surrounding areas thoroughly before attempting to access it.
  • Do not attempt to reach coordinates which fall within a dangerous area, are inaccessible, or would require illegal trespass.
  • Please respect the area you are visiting. Absolutely do not litter or otherwise disturb the natural integrity of the area.
  • Bring a bag and pick up garbage whilst at the location. If Geohashing is combined with a goodwill gesture such as litter-picking, landowners may be more willing to permit access. You can also earn the Geotrash Achievement while doing so.
  • Please be reasonable when meetup locations fall on public property. Be considerate of non-geohashers who may want to enjoy/use the area as much as you and try not to be in anyone's way. If someone has to ask you to move, then you need to move.
  • If someone approaches you and asks you to leave a geohash location on private property, do not force the issue and comply forthwith.
    • If this occurs during a Saturday meetup, all attendees should immediately move to the nearest non-disputed area, then agree on an alternative location at which to continue the event.
    • Come prepared: Have alternative locations in mind before leaving!
    • It may be helpful to have some written materials with you to show suspicious property owners. For example, you could print out a page with information about geohashing, as well as a map showing the location, and write down a TinyURL linking to that day's coordinates. They may not actually mind your presence and — who knows? — they might even join you.
    • Be aware of your country's freedom to roam laws. Some countries do not have them at all, while others allow certain types of uninvited use of private land.